Whoop earrings are a style of earrings that matches many different outfits which is fantastic, right? Though throughout the endless and outstanding possibilities of combinations, you may feel a bit lost. So if you are unsure of how to style your hoop earrings perfectly, here are five ideas that will help you to look like a fashion pro.


1. Little hoop earrings for a timeless, classy look


If you need to fashion your working outfit with a pair of delicate earrings, tiny hoop earrings are the best choice you can make. By adding just a touch of female power, you both enhance your outfit and feel feminine in a professional context. You can easily add tiny hoop earrings to a white shirt, pantsuit (blazer and pants) or a formal dress. By doing so, you won’t be wrong.

For instance, here are some styles we suggest you add to your classy look picked in our five stars hoop earrings selection.


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2. Geometric hoop earrings for a chic and modern look


You are on your day off and feel like wearing a leather jacket and a simple t-shirt with jeans? To accessorize your modern though chic outfit, add a pair of geometric hoop earrings. By combining simplicity on your clothes with complexity in your jewels, you will create a beautiful style that won’t stay unnoticed. 


You can, for example, add a pair of geometric hoop earrings like this model to your casual day style. For more geometric style, make sure to visit our shop here. 


3. Wear simple hoop earrings for a 90’s inspired trend


Are you feeling a bit nostalgic about the ’90s? We have the solution for you. Grab your overalls with a simple white t-shirt. Add a pair of simple hoop earrings, and you are ready to enjoy your day in a perfect 90’s style.


One of our most loved simple model that will enhance your 90’s style outfit is this one. For more simple style hoop earrings, please click here.

4. Detailed hoop earrings for a sexy strapless dress



If you are on the go for a crazy party or date, you may choose your perfect strapless dress, and you’ll be right. Sexy and feminine your dress needs accessories, though for you to shine completely. The best choice with this night outfit is detailed hoop earrings that will become the centre of attention in this look.


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5. Trendy outfit and hoop earrings for the ultimate fashion look

To escape a bit common styles, you can jump into the stylish outfit (baggy ripped jeans and checkered shirt) and medium to big size hoop earrings. Let the diva inside you come out to the word thanks to this unique style that will allow your creativity speaks freely and loudly.

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